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Our Environmental Policy

Mirabeau Design Build Services acknowledges that its activities can have a significant influence on the environment; therefore we are committed to minimizing the impact our activities have on the local and global environment. It is the policy of Mirabeau Design Build Services to ensure that any threats of pollution from its activities are identified and either prevented, eliminated or effectively controlled. In pursuance of this policy, Mirabeau Design Build Services will:

‐ Work with professionals and clients to influence the environmental impact of the products used within the project through the enhancement of the specification and design;

‐ Comply with applicable legal requirements, and with other requirements to which we subscribe in relation to our environmental aspects; ‐ Assess on a regular basis the environmental impact of all our operations;

‐ Set and review environmental objectives and targets with the aim of continual improvement and prevention of pollution;

‐ Ensure that the Policy is used to provide the framework, through management review, for setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets;

‐ Minimize waste, noise and emissions to atmosphere in all parts of our business;

‐ Reuse and recycle materials and packaging wherever practical; ‐ Reduce the environmental effects our operations have on habitats, species and on natural habitats;

‐ Where necessary, Mirabeau Design Build Services will ensure that all waste, particularly hazardous waste such as contaminated soil, are tested, transported and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner, in accordance with local and provincial regulations;

‐ Mirabeau Design Build Services will minimize the risks of environmental accidents through the adoptions of appropriate risk management procedures;

‐ In conjunction with appropriate authorities, Mirabeau Design Build Services will establish emergency response procedures to deal with accidental pollution;

‐ Wherever practicable, use recycled or recyclable materials and components; ‐ Encourage employee involvement in environmental action. This policy will be communicated to all persons working for and on behalf of Mirabeau Design Build Services, and, made available to interested parties using appropriate media.

The information in this policy does not take precedence over applicable government legislation, with which all workers should be familiar.

Environmental Statement: Welcome
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