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2 Awesome Reasons To Connect With the Best Construction Company in Vancouver

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Recognized as one of the most respected and client-focused construction companies in Vancouver, Mirabeau Design Build has been influencing the landscape of British Colombia architecture and building history one brick at a time.

With decades of experience in the construction industry, we pride ourselves in our property, development and construction expertise. Further our intricate knowledge of the real estate market makes us a leader in residential construction. Due to our established success, every project is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Reasons why we are the best construction company in Vancouver:

1. Our passion is construction – we live and breathe it.

We have been about achieving excellence and we action the best of our previous experiences and lessons, and give our clientele a new level of customer service, professionalism and delivery.

Thinking differently, and challenging current custom and practice catapults us forward. We want our clients to become partners, trusting us as their construction company in Vancouver of choice, not just for a single project but for decades. By working in close collaboration with clients, being clear, honest, and responsive, we create a construction process that is enjoyable for everyone involved.

2. We are also about the future

If you're interested in creating a home that fits its environment, is energy efficient and adopts low maintenance design techniques – then we are the construction company in Vancouver for you.

Construction Company In Vancouver

Our Eco Friendly homes are built to custom floor plans tailored to your individual vision while maintaining sustainable design principles. From reducing or eliminating the need for auxiliary cooling and heating to phasing out the overall greenhouse gas emissions from your home, our custom home design uses natural sources of heating and cooling to achieve this. Letting in sun and cooling breezes can be reached by orienting a building appropriately and carefully designing the roof, walls, windows and floors of the building, otherwise known as the buildings envelope. The results are timeless in beauty, environmentally sustainable and a pleasure to live in.

Additionally, it’s the policy of Mirabeau design build services to ensure that any threats of pollution from its activities are identified and either prevented, eliminated or effectively controlled.

We believe you deserve a beautiful, comfortable sustainable home that we can all be truly proud of. The process of creating your dream home is a big deal and you must get it right the first time. With the best construction company in Vancouver – Mirabeau Design Build, you can never go wrong.

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