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2 Strong Reasons Why You Really Need A Custom Home Builder Vancouver For Renovations

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Coming home every day to a beautiful house that you are proud of and one where your family and friends feel welcome is dream come true.

Home extensions and renovations offer an excellent opportunity for you to beautify the exterior of your home. This can radically change the appearance of your home.

Custom Home Builder Vancouver

We are specialized custom home builder Vancouver and renovation expert. Our proven experience, skill and knowledge needed for any luxury home is highly esteemed and recognized throughout the British Columbia area. Whether the project is a whole house renovation or transforming a small non-descript bungalow, we give the same care, concern, service and commitment to our clients and their home. Homes built by Mirabeau Design Build still look as good as the day we finished. We build homes that last.

2 Strong Reasons You Really Need A Custom Home Builder Vancouver For Renovations.


Start by identifying what exterior remodeling services you’re hoping to have done. Have a vision of why you are remodeling your home’s exterior, what remodeling services you want to be done, and how you want your home to look when it’s done. For exterior renovation you will need to check whether your scope of work needs approval by council.

The size and scope of your project will determine what type of professionals you will need to be involved in your project. If you would like a bespoke tailored design that is particularly detailed, approval from the council with proper documentation is done on time; then it is worth investing in a custom home builder Vancouver such as Mirabeau Design Build.


Renovation is generally more expensive than you think it will be. It is important to think early on about what your overall budget is and whether it is realistic for what you want to achieve. Don’t forget rental & moving costs if you need to move out, consultant and design fees, insurance, stamp duty, demolition and rubbish, labour, builder’s margin, furniture & accessories, site clean and landscaping. Additionally, all homes hold secrets – in the walls, under the floors, and elsewhere. A renovation can bring those to light; keep contingency money. A custom home builder Vancouver will keep your renovation cost in check while turning your vision into reality.

A complete exterior renovation is no small undertaking, but when done correctly by a reputed and experienced custom home builder Vancouver, it can completely change your home’s look, function, and value.

Have more questions regarding your exterior renovation? Call us!

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