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Enjoy Endless Possibilities with Complete Home Design Vancouver Company

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Whether you are the new owner of a charming home, or your home of many years is no longer serving the growing needs of your family; if you are looking for a complete home design Vancouver, Mirabeau design build is here for you.


Our journey to create your home involves a number of phases. Each phase is an important building block in creating a blueprint for your home.

The Pre-Design phase starts off with gathering information and creating a vision. This includes comprehensive discussions with our team to understand your goals and wishes. We analyze your building site for constraints and opportunities such as grading, capturing views, sun exposure, and wind patterns. We also review local bylaws. These elements play a large role in maximizing your investment and determining any potential hurdles that can be encountered during construction or the future enjoyment of your home.

Home Design Vancouver

Once you approve one of our designs, we discuss the scope and quality of the finished product in greater detail. Cost projections come into play, helping you determine what adjustments may be needed to make the project conform to your budget.

With the design process complete, construction can begin! Our house design Vancouver team will expertly translate the design from paper to reality.

As a fully licensed, registered, and insured design/build firm in Vancouver, Mirabeau design build home is ready to bring your dream home to life! The wealth of experience we bring to your project allows us to provide invaluable advice, whether you’re pursuing a kitchen renovation, home office addition, or custom house design Vancouver construction. We stake our reputation on each and every project we complete, so you can expect the highest level of commitment and meticulous attention to detail.

Honesty is the best policy, even if what we have to say is sometimes not what our clients want to hear. Custom house design Vancouver are expensive investments and we want to ensure its done right the first time even if it means giving unpopular opinion and telling it like it is.

It is very important for us that our clients go into every project with their eyes wide open and know what to expect at every stage of the process. We believe in meticulous planning and discussions so that our clients fully understand the extent of the project scale both in relation to budget and time. We believe speaking openly about all the requirements for project success.

Building a home for yourself and your family is a major undertaking, and Mirabeau design build has been guiding its clients through the process for over years.

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