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Trust Your House Design Vancouver Company To Match Your Interior With Exterior Style

Are there many things you love about your home, but the exterior isn’t one of them? Are you having trouble deciding where to begin? Well, if this is you, we are here to help! We work with homeowner’s daily to show them how to realize the potential of their home’s exterior and to help bring their exterior home design Vancouver ideas to life in tandem with the interior.

Do you know there is one question we, as one of the best house design Vancouver Company get asked all the time by our potential customer is:

Should interior match the exterior?

Let us clear the air. Certain design principles apply to all house plans. Proportion, rhythm, creating a focal point—these are the kinds of considerations that interior designers and architects obsess over in a home plan. Today we’re covering a universal and timeless design tenet: Unity between interior and exterior styles.

A consistent interior/exterior theme creates a soothing, enjoyable experience for the visitor and resident alike. Uniformity between indoor and outdoor spaces is pleasing to the human eye. So, if your home’s exterior has a Spanish Colonial feel, it makes sense to continue this theme indoors.

When planning the layout and design of your home, you might be better off working from the outside in. The front door and the façade of your home is the first thing that guests will see. This sets the tone of your home and can have a large effect on the way that the exterior transitions into the interior.

House Design Vancouver

The exterior of a home really sets up the expectations for the interior. It’s the first impression and hints at what you’ll find inside. If your home doesn’t have a strong architectural aesthetic, then there is more room to play and define as you wish; whereas, if you’re renovating a historic home you should try to do it justice with some architectural accuracy. At Mirabeau Design Build we try to keep the structure of the home pretty consistent, while taking more creative liberties with things like furniture, décor, paint color, finishes, etc.

Mirabeau Design Build is a Vancouver based professional house design Vancouver company, specializing in all aspects of building work and construction. We provide ‘end-to-end’ design and build services with a personal commitment to assist every client in accomplishing their objectives.

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